About Dance Lessons

Add a group lesson to your event. 
(Yes, Mark can do both – DJ and teach a lesson.)

Mark Boucher can teach a group ballroom dance lesson at your event.  It’s a great way to get your guests moving on the dance floor!  You choose the dance style and amount of time for the lesson. 

Mark can teach most styles, including salsa, merengue, rumba, cha cha, bachata, samba, waltz, tango, foxtrot, paso doble, swing, jive, lindy hop, shag and balboa.


Wedding Lessons

Make your wedding special with a choreographed dance.

Mark Boucher also offers private wedding dance lessons.  He’ll choreograph a dance that will showcase your love for each other.

Instead of a choreographed dance you may also consider learning basic dance steps to use at your reception.